Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, boobs in lycra on a plate

Cosplayers are a strange breed of people. Some are obviously having a lot of fun, others are very serious. Some are desperate to have their photo taken (in fact I heard one Dr Who complaining to his friends that he wasn’t getting asked to pose enough) but others are grumpy and won’t stop. What’s the point of dressing up like that if you don’t want the attention?

It’s interesting to see how the fashions in costumes change over time. Star wars characters, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, DragonBall Z, Spider-Man, Hulk and Dr Who are perennial favourites but others come and go. This year we have a, predictable, number of people in medieval costume. I’m guessing they are meant to be from Game of Thrones but a blonde wig does not make Cersei Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen and a Wolfskin can not turn a skinny teenager into Rob Stark.

There’s quite a lot of people in odd yellow costumes this year. Apparently it’s a character from ‘Adventure Time’ whatever that is. This is their booth…

My favourite costumes are the kids. There was a gorgeous Ewok baby (below), a very cool toddling Wonderwoman, Deadpool was pushing a pram with a baby Green Lantern in it and there was a lot of little Batmen running around.

I do love some of the female costumes. There seems to be a competition over who has the biggest boobs and can balance them so they almost fall out of their lycra costumes. Scifi hubby got ‘caught’ staring at boobs a few times. I can’t really tell him off but it’s really funny when the women look offended. For goodness sake girls if you don’t want them looked at try covering your nipples. There was one notable costume where Scifi Hubby was so busy staring he didn’t manage to get a photo, and now can’t even tell me what the costume was – I don’t think he was looking to see what colour the Lycra was and whether the woman had a mask on! My favourite Scifi hubby photo of the show has to be when he met WonderWoman…

And surreal cosplay moment of the convention goes to the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers on an escalator…


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