Ten days with no Scifi hubby

Scifi hubby is on holiday for a couple of weeks without me so I’ve had a couple of weeks to contemplate what ice would be like without Scifi – I hasten to add I’m not dreaming about life without Scifi hubby, just wondering what it would be like if he wasn’t a scifi addict.

For ten days I haven’t:
Watched any Star Trek
Watched any Family Guy
Watched any American Dad
In fact I’ve watched no animation whatsoever ever!
I’ve not had to remember who wrote which Batman book
I’ve not had to try to remember which Batman Black and White statues we have, which a re due at the comic shop and which we still need to order
I’ve had no conversations about which comic hero you would ‘cliff, marry, or shag’
No one has sent art sketches I’ve needed to decide if I like enough for them to go on our wall
I’ve not bought hotwheels cars at the supermarket
Eaten any chips or baked beans (Scifi hubby’s staple diet)
Been to the comic shop

I have:
Eaten a lot of fish (scifi hubby hates fish)
Read a lot of books
Watched really rubbish murder mysteries on TV
Been for long walks
Sorted out the junk drawer in the kitchen.

Shh don’t tell Scifi hubby but crazily I rather miss it all. I was quite relieved when I got an email to say he’d bought a Jurassic Park dinosaur and then a huge pile of books arrived. Notice that I am a very well trained Scifi wife – the books are on a clean surface, on a teatowel and are now locked in his study where the cat can’t get to them.


Roll on Wednesday when he, and the scifi madness, is home. I can’t wait.

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