Countdown to comic con

It’s Kapow Comic Con in London in eight days time. Skype, FaceTime, Facebook and every aspect of life appears to be taken up with planning for it. Key questions appear to include:

    Which artists/writers are going?
    Where will they be?
    How can they possibly only sign for such a short time?
    Will ‘my darling’ Scifi wife be nice to me and go and stand in a queue whilst I meet someone else?
    Which books do ‘we’ need to take with us to get signed?
    How much is our baggage allowance anyway?
    Which artists are taking pre-Con sketches?
    How much are they?

Not forgetting of course:

    Which mates are going?
    Which bar will they be in?

Scifi hubby isn’t as impressed with me asking:

    Where’s the nearest M&S, Next, Monsoon, Debenhams, Starbucks?
    How long can I spend shoe shopping?
    Which is the best restaurant?
    Do I really have to get up at 4am to stand in a queue for X, Y, Z…?!

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