Dreaming about Stan Lee

Scifi hubby has managed to get into my head completely now – last night I actually dreamed about him, Stan Lee and New York Comic Con. Hubby did spend most of yesterday talking about NYCC so maybe that explains it…

    We have some good friends who run a comic shop in the UK and they were setting their stall up at the con (to my knowledge they have never had a stall at a US con and are unlikely ever to). The show was just about to open but they had given us staff badges so we were in already. Scifi hubby had gone racing off to look round and I was sat on a table opposite their stall trying to get the wifi in the Javitts centre to work. And then up walked Stan Lee.

    Apparently our friends had invited him to sign at their stall but had never heard back from him so didn’t think any more of it. And then there he was saying he’d sign for a few hours and come again tomorrow. My friends were completely flustered but were managing to make space, find Marvel books, fix a contract and makes signs to say how much it would be.

    A small child dressed as Darth Vader came screaming up to the stall, sat next to Stan and refused to move. Then a chap dressed as Loki from The Avengers joined them. Just as I was thinking I should phone Scifi hubby to come back to the stall he appeared around the corner. A little oddly he was wearing a Boba Fett helmet and ran over to Stan squealing like a small child and waving his hands in the air…

Unfortunately the cat chose that moment to be noisily sick under the bed and woke me up. A strange start to the day.

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