So what did you talk about over dinner?

So Scifi hubby had cooked a delicious dinner, ready on the table as I walked in the door from work. Good hubby. Then we started with the usual “how was work?” type questions and he at least pretended to listen (I’m sure he couldn’t tell you a word I said but at least he pretended well). Almost good hubby.

However the conversation quickly went like something this:
Me: So how was your day (I really should learn to be careful how I ask this…)
Him: So I watched the new Spider man cartoon ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ today and it’s rubbish. Completely awful. I know it’s aimed at kids but Peter Parker even breaks the fourth rule and talks to the viewers.
Me: Hmmm…
Him: They’ve ruined the whole thing but at least he’s a teenager I suppose they’ve not tried changing that. Rant rant rant…
Me: Hmmm…
Him: Ooh and they’ve released a trailer for the new ‘Total Recall’. It looks AMAZING!
Me: I know you showed me last night (he woke me up at 1am to show me)
Him: But you’ve got to watch it, it’s great
Me: Hmmm…
Him: And I didn’t get to sleep until 3am as I was reading my new comic, you know the one I bought on the iPad yesterday, the one I can’t find to buy for real. (That would be my iPad – the thing he doesn’t like, doesn’t want one of his own but which seems to have mysteriously ‘grown’ several comic apps and lots of comics)
Me: Hmmm…
Him: It was fantastic. The plot was great, like something from one of your CSI detective type things. Batman was only in it for 10 pages but it was great. It starts with…

You get the idea. Maybe I could persuade him to tell me about the Batman comic again at bedtime, at least I could guarantee falling asleep!

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